Loretta Maase, M.A., LPC, NCC 

Loretta earned a Masters degree in counseling in 1995, with a specialization in child development and parent-education. Loretta is a therapist, parenting facilitator/coordinator, parenting coach, and parent educator with over 25 years experience. She is also a National Trainer with the Nurturing Parenting Program. In addition to maintaining a private practice, she provides training and consultation to legal and clinical professionals working with high-conflict co-parents.


Ms. Maase has been involved in the field of parent education throughout her entire career. As former editor of Families in Recovery magazine, regional director and parent-educator for two foster care agencies, clinical director of The Parenting Center of Albuquerque, preferred parent-education provider for CPS, Bernalillo County, NM, and therapist in private practice, Ms. Maase has written, developed, and taught parent education to at-risk parents since the 1980’s. She is the creator of the ParentRise website (www.ParentRise.com) as well as 'The ParentRise Connection' parenting program for parents.


Ms. Maase is currently working as a Parenting Coordinator, Parent Educator, and Mediator in central Texas.



  • M.A. Counseling – Webster University, Alb., NM

  • B.A. Child Development, Psychology – Univ. of New Mexico, Alb., NM

  • Certified Mediator

  • 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training, Manousso Mediation & ADR - Services in Houston, TX.

  • 30-Hour Advanced Family Mediation Training, Houston, TX.


Parenting Coordinator

  • ·24-Hour Parenting Coordination Training, Dallas, TX


  • Nationally Certified Counselor

  • Parenting Coordinator

  • Mediator

  • Advanced Family Mediator


  • Psychology, Counseling, Parenting & Child Development, Conflict Resolution & Communication, Parent  Coordination



  • ParentRise Parenting For The Future Booklet (companion to 8-week parenting class).

  • ParentRise Family Stabilization Parenting Booklet (companion to 6-hour class).



  •  Association for Conflict Resolution

  •  Texas Association of Mediators


Loretta Maase, M.A.




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Loretta Maase, MA, LPC, NCC


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