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Hello, how are you this morning?

  • First of all, I would like to say thank you for meeting with me today.

  • I am a Mississippi Native from Redwood. I began my professional career directly out of high school as hotel maintenance personnel.

  • From there I attended college part time taking classes in architectural drafting and worked as a carpenter helper for Ergon.

  • After reflection, I started college full time. There I met my wife and we started our family. I took a full time job and returned to Ergon to support my family.

  • Transferred from construction to the lab.

I returned to college to work on college credits. I was offered a position at Letourneau as an engineering designer where I have worked for the past 14 months. The downturn in the market has resulted in a staff reduction which has had a great impact on both their Houston and Vicksburg facilities which brings me here.

2499 S. Cap of Tx Hwy

Bldg. B , Suite 201 

Austin, TX 78746

Loretta Maase, MA, LPC, NCC


ph (512)897-8777   fax (512)584-8106

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